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Dear ACC Client,

At Mycomax>> we continually strive to provide you with the best service and tools for your electronic communication. In order for us to continue our service to you we are in the process of upgrading our email server. The new server will increase your communication speed and will also provide you with web access to your email.

The switch-over to the new server will take place on the 28/01/2013 from 15:00.
As a result our current server will be down until the 29/01/2013.

To streamline the process we kindly ask that you to download all your email before the 28/01/2013 @ 14h30.

Please note: your Username and Password will be reset on 29/01/2013.

Your new login detail will be send to you by email:

Enter your new username and password as shown below and select OK. (On 29/01/2013)
Description: C:\Users\Hendrikdw\Pictures\Slide Shows\acc_Username1.jpg


To send and receive email from your new WEB login please follow instruction guidelines below.

Here is the new link:

Enter your new username and password as shown below: (On 29/01/2013)
Description: C:\Users\Hendrikdw\Pictures\Slide Shows\acc_Username_web1.jpg

You will see that the new server give you more functionality.

Description: C:\Users\Hendrikdw\Pictures\Slide Shows\acc_Username_web1.jpg

Where you can choose the Web interface you want to use

"Read Mail Using Horde" , "Read Mail Using RoundCube" , " Read Mail Using SquirrelMail"

You can select "[ Enable AutoLoad ]" to always load the Interface you want.

You can setup "Forwarding Options" , "Auto Responders" , "Email Filtering"

If you need more help to setup you email application, just click the link "Configure Mail Client"



If you haven't recieve your new login detail, please feel free to contact us.

We trust that our new server will deliver the good service that you expect from Mycomax>>
For any queries please contact or you can reach us at 0860766639.

Kind regards,
The Mycomax>> Team